Church Organ

The Church organ at Bellshill Central is a 2-manual and pedal pipe organ by H. Hildson (Glasgow) from 1930.


Poster Click to download

Hymn sheet Click to download

Work is underway and Michael Macdonald, our organ builder will refurbish the organ (not restore) and the works will include a thorough cleaning of the entire instrument, replacing the now failing pneumatic action with a more reliable solid state action, and refurbishment of the Hilsdon draw stop console with MIDI and Transposing functions added.

30 July 2015 update

The console is now being re-assembled with new action and wiring being installed.  The solid state system, midi and transposer are being fitted to the console.  It won’t be too long until the pipework will be back in place.

7 July 2015 update 

Michael and Andrew have now removed all the pneumatic action from the casework and console.  The console has been dismantled awaiting the solid state, MIDI and transposing hardware

01/07/2015 update

Work is now almost 50% complete! and here’s a message from our organ builder, Michael Macdonald

The work is progressing, the old blower has been replaced with a reconditioned unit,  The great pipework is all out, together with the upperboards, rackboards, drawstop box and pedal bourdon bass machines. The three internal bellows and blower room bellows have all been opened up and cleaned, the great soundboard has had all the primary action removed and discarded, new valve wires, buttons, cloths and valves have been fitted throughout. New electric lever magnets have been fitted to these wires and cabled to junction boards which will be fitted halfway down the building frame legs.

The front pipe blocks have had the external pneumatics removed and replaced with electric lever magnets which are being wired to junction boards to allow the great soundboard to be put back down. The great drawstop box, and the two Bourdon Machines situated on each side of the case have also had the pneumatics removed and replaced by electric lever magnets.

The Swell soundboard has had the pneumatics removed and new valve wires, buttons, cloths and valves have been fitted throughout. New electric lever magnets have also been fitted. This was indeed a slow job as we were unable to lift the soundboard onto its side as we did the great as the Swell box would have to come down and all the swell pipework would have to come out, and we did`nt want to do that. This now has to be cabled to junction boards in place which will be another slow job in a dreadful cramped space for three men to work. But once its done its done and we can move onto the console.

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