Booking Information

Thank you for your interest in my services as a freelance organist. To make a booking as a private individual, follow the simple steps below. If you are booking as a church or other institution, the procedure is slightly different; please contact me for more information.

Preliminary Notes

  • I am currently taking bookings for all remaining available dates in 2016 and 2017.
  • Making your booking as far as possible in advance once the service has been finalised will increase the likelihood of me being available.
  • I will always consider late or last-minute bookings if I have availability, but please be advised that some services have increased charges.
  • Please ensure with the church authorities that you have permission for a visiting organist to play.


  • Contact me to check availability and to provide me with information relevant to your booking.
  • Let me know of any special circumstances, such as if the service will be exceptionally long or if there are any unusual music requests.
  • I will usually be able to give you an immediate response.

Music Details

  • You will need to provide me with details of your music choices when they have been finalised.
  • The service I offer includes time discussing music with you, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about your music choices.
  • Please provide sheet music for any non-standard repertoire well in advance of the service.


  • Please contact me to discuss your musical requirements so that I can provide you with the appropriate fee that would be due.